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We are sport enthusiasts, open minded world travelers, some of us professional sportsmen, some of us experienced teachers and lecturers in many outdoor sports. We love the sea, we love the mountains, we love the wind and the waves, but what is most important, we are friends of the nature!

Baara Žan

Baara Zatori


Guide expert of adventure trips and hiking

Windsurf  instructor

Surf instructor

Speaks: ENG, GR, GER, CZ, RUS, SLO

Baara is a sport and nature lover…. Before she came to Karpathos, she was working as hiking guide, bike guide (in summer) and chief-instructor of skiing and snowboarding (in winter) in Czech mountains. She sealed her love to nature by university studies of natural sciences… Baara came first time to Karpathos around 10 years ago when she got absolutely enchanted with this island, its nature and culture. Since then she learnt Greek language, traveled the island in all directions several times, moved to traditional Karpathian village and found her best friends there. She is very curious explorer and that is why she has been "digging" for history of Karpathos for many years. Nature of Karpathos has been her biggest passion since the beginning. As nature and sport belong together, she is devoted windsurf instructor with many years of experience. She was working as a windsurf instructor in the biggest windsurf center on Karpathos and after as a main windsurf instructor and a center manager in smaller windsurf center on the island. Meanwhile she was managing an adventure company offering and organizing outdoor activities on Karpathos; for 2 years so she has been busy quite a while. When on Karpathos starts to get colder, Baara moves to Switzerland, where she works as ski and snowboard instructor in well known ski resort Laax, furthermore she is a leader of snowboard educational team in Czech. With 3 words: positive, goodhearted and hyperactive.


Andraž Žan

andraz zan


Windsurf  instructor

Surf instructor

Guide of adventure trips and hiking


Andraž is a versatile sportsman with big love to nature. He comes from Slovenia, the country of high mountains, wild rivers, but also near the sea, which influenced him for a whole life. As most of Slovenians he learned winter sports as a child – skiing, snowboarding, he competed in ski jumping and cross-country skiing. But still, the winter hasn’t intrigued him as much as beautiful summer conditions by the sea. He discovered windsurfing thanks to his father, when he was 8 years old. Since then windsurfing has been his biggest passion. He traveled the world in order to discover new windsurf destinations and to gain new experience. In 2004 Andraž started with freestyle competitions and attended European and World cup events. His best result is 13th place in overall ranking in World Cup, 4th place in overall ranking in European Freestyle Pro Tour and he is the latest official Slovenian freestyle champion. Due to sport education, sharing experience and a good eye for mistakes, Andraž opened a windsurf school “Windsurf Camps”. Since then he is sharing experience with many people who have the same passion for windsurfing all around the world. According to the most certain wind, one of the best conditions for windsurfing and all the other outdoor activities, you can accompany Andraž on Karpathos. As he studied multimedia, he is also film maker and photographer under his second company AŽ production.




Powder the guide

Specialized hiking guide

Specialized in security

Center Assistant


Understands: CZ, SLO, GR

Powder is very skilled hiking dog. He accompanies us on all kind of trips and cares for security and guidance. He is a great center assistant, so don't be afraid when you see him in our center, he will just check you out if you are not suspicious.