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Kings Table

Like every year, the end of the season brings relaxing happy moments with friends. Manolo from Stema bar – “the king of the kings of the kings place” organizes bbq every year on St. Nicolas beach in Arkasa. All the friends gather and we have a great time. Lots of fun, lots of food, drinks, playing volley ball, baptizing new kings boys/girls (about this in another post 🙂 ) etc… The point of this is to have a nice time in paradise, to share moments and memories and to be happy with friends. Maybe you will join us next kings table. One think is for sure- it’s unforgettable!

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Surfing days

This season has been great with waves and we are enjoying every day! We are having lessons for Beginners and intermediate surfers every day! The waves are up to 1m high so we can enjoy the waves also with smaller boards. Check out the pictures and come to ride the waves with us!!!

surfing karpathos surfing karpathos surfing karpathos surfing karpathos surfing karpathos



Tristomo karpathos

Karpathian fjord

Last time enthusiastic hikers came to us and asked us to see something new, something amazing. We decided to take them to the north of Karpathos, where everything is still incredibly wild. All the history is well preserved and nature totally untouched. We were driving on a dirt road as far as possible, then grab the hiking poles and start the trip. The nature was unbelievable that day… at first it was a lot of mist, but we were optimistic… long opened hike on the centuries old path made from huge stones was taking is over the long hills. We knew after the last hill surprise is waiting for us. Mist was moving away and when we reached the end of the last hill beautiful scenery opened up. There was the fjord on the north of Karpathos called Tristomo( tri mounth ). Half way down through the abandoned historical village and we were there. “It was worth waking up early”, our explorers stated happily. We reached the end of the bay, explained the history of the place and revealed the treasures of Tristomo. Good exercise and unforgettable landscape.


Till next time,


Your Karpathos Adventure Team

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Olympos Karpathos

Exploring the North

Trip to the north is a must. A nice one hour drive through variable landscape and beautiful views brought us to the village which is not just an average village. In Olympos you can see, feel and experience Greek tradition which you can not easily find these days. Olympos has interesting and rich history. We walked through the village, visited museum, windmills and tasted traditional home made food in taverna, of our best friend Nikos, Blue Garden. We had a look at the hidden historical treasures, walked on the paths which locals were using centuries ago and enlightened our explorers how the people used to live, travel and work for their survival without electricity still till 1980. It didn’t feel like a touristic sightseeing but like a walk through the history of Karpathian tradition.

Till next time,

Your Karpathos Avdenture Team

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Adia beach

“Secret corner” of the west coast

One of our favorite trip is a trip to one of the most beautiful kind of secret beach on the west coast. A short drive on the west coast with a cinematic views brought us to the place where the pine trees start. Adia is an amazing place with so much to give. It takes 20 min walk on a narrow but easy path and you have one of the best experiences of your trip. We came to the beautiful, romantic small beach, where we didn’t meet anybody the whole day. After a while of chilling and swimming, we also did some cliff diving, which was especially awesome for our younger explorers. Our goal of the day was: Maximum relax, adventure and astonishing views. We’ve done all of it and the goal was definitely achieved!

till next time,

your Karpathos Adventure Team

adia beach adia beach adia beach adia beach